Timecrimes Review

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Middle-aged Hector is drawn into a series of timeloops in an effort to save himself from danger.


Old lessons about the inadvisability of interfering with the past to preserve the present are reinforced in this small-scale, ingenious Spanish sci-fi film. Just moved into an isolated house, slightly grumpy middle-aged Hector (Karra Elejalde) has a brush with a pretty woman, a bandaged psychopath and a weird boffin before being tricked into using a liquid time machine.

Zapped a few hours into the past, Hector discovers he is the bandaged maniac and needs to draw his slightly younger self away from his house to avoid the two of him competing for one life. Naturally, this leads to more extreme disasters, further time-loops and a reality out of kilter.

Complex but ingenious, this is mind-bending and engaging at the same time.