Timber Falls Review

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A young couple on a camping weekend in the West Virginian mountains are hunted down by deranged locals.


Stop us if you’ve never heard this one before... Two loved-up city folk go hitch-hiking in West Virginia, encounter rednecks and fight for their lives in a rundown shack. Anyone say stop?
Thought not. Making no apologies for its derivative drive (even the title suggests we’ve been here before), this enjoyable if uneven survivalist horror recalls the hick spirit of Texas Chain Saw and Wrong Turn. The only detour is the mutants themselves: Bible-bashing bigots with an altar in the basement. Bad taste prevails throughout, and director Giglio deflects a world of pain by keeping tongue firmly in cheek, but the whole thing is so overfamiliar it’s about as scary as a getting lost on the Circle Line.

Delivered with its tongue firmly in its cheek, this is still too derivative to be truly scary.