Third Person Review

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A handful of yearning souls, including Liam Neeson's successful author, Olivia Wilde's smitten showbiz hack and James Franco's loft-dwelling artist, link and interlink against a variety of metropolitan backdrops.


Returning less successfully to the multi-story narrative of Crash, Paul Haggis’ globe-trotting triptych of unconnected and unconvincing stories pivots around Liam Neeson’s Pulitzer prize-winning but slow-typing author, Mila Kunis’ forgetful maid in a custody battle, and Adrien Brody’s fashion spy-turned-prostitute-saviour. There’s some nice craft on show, but Haggis and his great-on-paper cast (including James Franco, Olivia Wilde and Maria Bello) can’t muster any insight into the mean, broken characters, the theme-mongering is heavy-handed and the tone doom-laden. And Neeson’s book sounds dreadful (“White. The colour of trust”).

If Crash set your teeth on edge, book in at the dentist's before seeing this one.