I Can't Think Straight Review

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Palestinian Tala is about to be married when she meets British Indian, Leyla. She is captivated and the two start to fall in love. But can they defy their cultures and family expectations to be together?

Wealthy women share a secret attraction in this London-set rom-com. Palestinian Tala is engaged, while British Indian Leyla is in the closet. Can they bear to tell their families they’re gay? Bollywood beauty Lisa Ray puts in a charismatic performance as spirited Tala, and has considerable chemistry with Sheetal Sheth. But most of the supporting actors are visibly inexperienced, and clumsy dialogue and brightly lit sets have the feel of a soft-porn movie — until the relatively subtle love scenes arrive.

Sure, there’s food for thought about sexuality and immigrant culture — but this doesn’t so much explore the issues as shout them through a megaphone.

Engagingly played by the two leads and admirable themes but lacking in subtlety and a decent support cast.