I Think I Do Review

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Six friends meet up for a college party, and there are anxieties and frustrations all-round. A few years down the track, they all meet up again for a wedding, and much has changed - but many things alsop have remained the same.


Starting as it means to go on, this character-driven comedy opens with a cracking sequence - a sexually charged romping scene - that sets up a pace which first-time feature director Sloan manages to sustain throughout.

Bob (Arquette) and Brendan (Maelan) share a room in an off-campus apartment at George Washington University. As they attempt to "wedgy" one another, it's obvious that out-and-proud Bob has a thing for well-built frat boy Brendan. But this unrequited love stays that way as the movie cheats time with a succession of revealing seasonal parties when we encounter the rest of the house mates; Carol (Lauren Velez) and Matt (Harrold) are a close couple just itching for some privacy; Eric (Diaz) is majoring in marijuana, and Sarah (Hagan) has her beady eyes set on Brendan. Fast-forward a few years and the friends are getting together again for Matt and Carol's wedding in Washington. Sarah continues to lust after Brendan, who seems like a new man after a stint working in New York, Eric still gets the munchies and Bob introduces his new beau to the gang - a daytime soap hunk (Watkins). But, as the celebrations get under way, everyone has a few surprises up their sleeves.

Frivolous and silly, this wisely doesn't take itself too seriously and has some neat touches. Deftly directed, the leads do exceptionally well, especially Arquette and Watkins. Because of its wacky nature, the film tends to dispense with vital, if mundane, points (such as character backstory) and sometimes takes the audience's knowledge of the character's lives for granted which renders the goings on a tad superficial.

It may not linger long in the memory but for an hour-and-a-half, it's a pleasant enough diversion.