Tell Me Something Review

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In Seoul a recently-widowed detective investigates the provenance of a number of dismembered bodies. Only to find they have all been involved with a young classical musician, Chae Su-Yeon


Messy parcels containing bloody body parts are tripped over by various unwary Seoul residents. Just-widowed detective (Han Suk-kyu) lands the red-ball case, along with his older, cheerier, obviously doomed-to-get-killed-at-the-end-of-act-two partner. The dismembered victims, whose corpse bits are jumbled together out of order, all turn out to be ex-boyfriends of a strangely serene classical musician Chae Soon-yeon (Shim Eun-ya). With several highly suspicious suspects (another ex, a perky best friend, a mysteriously missing father) in the game, generically-mandated plot and lots of Se7en-style driving rain, this is pretty much a made-to-order piece. Director Yang Joon-hyun works scrupulously from the Hollywood serial murder playbook, and delivers something which does its job, even as its last reel flounders with several too many plot twists, but has no particular reason to exist.

A formula serial killer thriller, in Korean. Gruesome and twisted, but with few surprises.