Targets Review

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Affected by the real-life horrors of the post-Vietnam world, horror film actor Byron Orlok (Boris Karloff) is determined to retire, but whilst his observations have forced him to this conclusion, Thompson (Tim O'Kelly) who has just returned from Vietnam reacts to his experiences by becoming a serial killer.


Skilfully stitched together at the behest of Roger Corman from two days shooting with Boris Karloff, a crappy old horror flick and a couple of weeks' work with mostly unknown actors, Peter Bogdanovich's gripping debut manages to be both a daringly nihilistic story of a psycho sniper on the loose as well as a comparison of modern cinema's new, psychological horrors to the traditional Gothic shenanigans of Corman and Hammer.

A neglected gem and a real cinematic sowís-ear-to-silk-purse story.

A neglected gem and a real cinematic sow's-ear-to-silk-purse story.