It Takes Two Review

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The nine year-old daughter (Olsen) of a billionaire (Guttenberg) has an identical twin (other Olsen) she knows nothing of, and who is being cared for by Orphanage employee Diane (Alley). On an outing to the park, they are mixed up, and each finds that they enjoy their new life more.


If you examine this carefully, you can almost imagine the thumbprints of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan on the script before they realised just how wasted their talents would be. So, instead the poisoned chalice is handed to Guttenberg and Alley who flail gamely with something they surely both would have consigned to the trash ten years ago. But that was before Cocoon: The Return and Look Who's Talking Now.

Here though, the film hits a snag. Staggeringly laboured though this premise may be, it also has the potential for some lightweight farce to pass the time. But sadly, little in the way of hearty laughs materialise. The only redeeming feature is the two youngsters (real-life twins the Olsens) who show a far more deft comic touch than the grown-ups.

Kids will certainly lap it up but adults will guess the plot after five minutes and be left drumming their fingers for the remaining hour-and-a-half.