Straightheads Review

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A successful woman living in London picks up a young stoner in her car for some fun but the journey turns sour when they are unexpectedly attacked outside of the city.


Gillian Anderson continues her successful foray into Brit-flick territory with an engaging performance in this revenge thriller. She’s Alice, a seductive professional living in London who picks up a cheeky young stoner, Adam (Danny Dyer — who else?), for a thrill ride that becomes a horror when they’re both attacked. “Beware country folk” is the familiar message, but this is a little smarter than that, delving into the sexual psychology of a traumatised odd-couple with interesting results.

The story progression isn’t handled very well: there’s little suspense in the third act. But it should appeal to those who favour character over action, not to mention X-Files fans still eager to see Anderson with her kit off

Anderson bares (almost) all in this flawed but fitfully fascinating thriller with a comical, if less compelling, turn from Danny Dyer.