Into The Storm Review

Image for Into The Storm

On graduation day at the local high-school, an unprecedented series of tornadoes touch down around the small town of Silverton. As locals like school vice-principal Gary Morris (Armitage) struggle to keep their families safe, storm chasers Pete (Walsh) and Allison (Callies) arrive to document the tempest.


With extreme weather becoming common weather, it was inevitable that someone would reopen Twister’s playbook. This virtual redo ups the number of tornadoes that strike a small town and accelerates the timeframe to one day, inconsistently using a found-footage style and with effects that sometimes signal budget limitations. The story and characters, meanwhile, would have felt fresher had this focused entirely on small-town residents rather than visiting stormchasers. The sometimes breathless action scenes keep the pace spinning nicely, but the heart of the storm is lacking.

Maybe we do deserve another Twister, but to showcase the advances in effects since you really need a bigger budget than this.