Stomp The Yard Review

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Mourning the death of his younger brother and avoiding juvenile hall, L.A. 19 yr old DJ finds himself in the mainly black Truth University of Georgia. His studies and social life are put to one side however as he is courted by two frat houses desperate for his street-dancing skills in their attempts to win the national step contest.


Talented dancer-actor Columbus Short stars as DJ, an LA street hoofer who gets into some serious, shooter-related bother with the law. This being factory-farmed feelgood fare of the highest order, however, he is not immediately carted off to Juvie but instead lands the rather more cushy option of Atlanta’s Truth University. Here, his badass, ghetto-certified moves pop a metaphorical cap in the ass of the hotly contested national step dance competition.

Stomp has little to recommend it save the raucous intensity of its dance numbers — and even they smack of overkill. It’s as if everyone knows the script is lousy and is desperately trying to compensate, but their best efforts just aren’t enough.

Decidely average teen drama but with a few decent dance numbers.