Stolen Kisses Review

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After persistently yet unsuccessfully trying to woo a potential girlfriend, Antoine begins to lose hope and interest. But just as he does his efforts are rewarded when she shows signs of reciprocity. Soon after they become an item, Antoine finds a new job working for an unpopular shoe seller, he soon finds himself having an affair with his new boss' wife. The only problem is that you are left somewhat indifferent at the end.


Strange young man Antoine Doinel (Leaud) comes out of the army and persistently courts a young woman (Jade) who is initially indifferent to him but warms up when he shows signs of losing interest. Taking a job with a private detective agency, Antoine is hired by a shoe shop proprietor (Michel Lansdale) who wants to find out why he is so universally disliked and winds up having an affair with Lansdale's vampish wife (Seyrig).

It's a loose movie, funny and unexpected with freewheeling semi-improv sequences which play farcical situations for pathos and wring laughs out of surprisingly sad material. Also includes Truffaut's 25-minute short Antoine Et Colette.

Often improvised and frequently charming and witty, Truffaut's film engages with a sad, dramatic and funny storyline that while not action packed keeps its pace and remains a classic today.