Still Life Review

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When lonely council worker John (Eddie Marsan) is made redundant from his job tracking down relatives of those who have died alone he focusses all his efforts on his last case of an old war veteran.


Lonely council worker John May (Eddie Marsan) has spent so many years tracking down the friends and family of people who died alone, he has never made the time to ensure he doesn’t meet the same fate. When he’s made redundant due to council cutbacks, he throws everything he has into his last assignment: locating the loved ones of an itinerant war veteran.

Marsan, his face as crumpled and careworn as his old leather briefcase, is outstanding as the quiet loner who refuses to let the dead go unmourned in an exquisitely observed, meticulously crafted and deeply affecting tale from the producer of The Full Monty.

Beautifully crafted and exquisitely observed with an outstanding performance from Eddie Marsan in the lead.