All About Steve Review

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Eccentric, geeky crossword puzzle writer, Mary, falls suddenly and madly in love with CNN cameraman, Steve, and makes a huge fool of herself...over and over again.


As a distraction from the sheer awfulness of this botched attempt at contemporary screwball, you might find yourself pondering how Sandra Bullock, currently enjoying a career high unequalled since the late ’80s, managed to get involved.

You can only surmise that, when the offer came in, she was distracted by something more important — the script for The Blind Side, perhaps, or the receipts from The Proposal. “What’s that? I play a mentally challenged crossword compiler-turned-stalker pursuing a TV news cameraman (Bradley Cooper) who can’t stand her? Who falls down a mineshaft? Sounds fun!” Sadly, since Bullock also produced, that would give her too much credit. Rotten title, too.

On paper, a crazy romcom starring Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper could only be a good thing. Wrong.

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