Stepfather III 1992) Review

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That psycho stepfather has escaped from the insane asylum and had his face surgically altered. Now he's married again...


Making another sequel to The Stepfather without Terry O’Quinn in the lead is the horror equivalent of the movie in which Roger Moore plays Inspector Clouseau, and indeed the script explains the substitution by using the same gimmick, plastic surgery.

The highlight of the film is its opening sequence, in which a shadowy figure undergoes painful plastic surgery in sordid surroundings, only to emerge as new face Robert Wightman, doing his best but failing to catch the especial qualities of the character O’Quinn made his own.

Director Guy Magar brings a fondness for explicit gore, catholic themes and overlength from his own not-uninteresting Retribution, but is content otherwise to reprise the plot of the first two films, as Wightman tries to construct his own ideal family, murdering anyone who gets in the way, and is finally undone by the heroine’s suspicious child, in this case a psychosomatic paraplegic brat who recovers in time to shove the stepfather into a shredding machine for his third irreversible death.

Loads of gore but nothing else in this video nasty wannabe.