Stakeout Review

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Two cops are assigend to stakeout the house of a murderer's ex-wife (Stowe), just in case he shows up. Lecce (Dreyfuss), though, falls for the damsel in distress and it's up to Reimers (Estevez) to keep an eye on developments in the bedroom and trouble on the horizon.


Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez really sparkle in what might otherwise have been a routine comedy thriller as cops assigned to surveillance on a killer’s girlfriend, with whom Dreyfuss becomes calamitously smitten. Like a young buck to his donkey of an uncle, Estevez plays against Dreyfuss well, with the latter putting on a display of aging, loveless desperation that rescues this buddie movie from it’s tawdry plot. John Badham still seems to be trying to find his niche (Stakeout follows Short Circuit and War Games, and is a far cry from Saturday Night Fever) but will probably mark this one down to experience and be on his way to something more challenging. We hope.

A comic take on Rear Window, Badham's latest has the acting talent to carry it over the sizeable gulfs in plot to an end product that brings laughs aplenty.