Sorted Review

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Anybody who watched the late night Channel Four series Movie Virgins will be familiar with director Jovy’s debut feature, a sporadically interesting trawl through the seedier side of the London club scene. Rhys is the naive young thing who heads to London from Scunthorpe to investigate his brother’s mysterious death, and soon finds himself plunged into his sibling’s world of raves, drugs and assorted sleazy characters.

It’s all achingly familiar territory, which isn’t particularly helped by Curry’s epithet-spouting, pantomime villain of a bad guy, but it’s stylishly filmed, solidly plotted and, in Rhys and Guillory, offers an appealing central couple. All of which, coupled with a refreshing lack of reliance on gangster stereotypes and firearms, makes this one of the more palatable British thrillers of late.