Sorority Row Review

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Carnage ensues when a sorority prank goes wrong.


A sorority prank misfires, a sister’s corpse gets dumped in a well, and guilty parties get murdered during the big graduation blow-out. A loose remake of the above-average-if-scarcely-A-list 1983 House On Sorority Row, this plays better as a bitchy Heathers-go-to-college black comedy about ghastly kids being mean to each other than it as a horror film.

With its endless party-hearty babble, ridiculous whodunit plot, gruesome but brief death scenes, a few funny lines (nasty sister Leah Pipes steals the show) and a bizarre Carrie Fisher-with-a-shotgun cameo, it’s all slash and no stalk — a relentless series of payoffs without any build-up. A useful working definition of mindless entertainment, down to laughably gratuitous nudity, it only just scrapes a passing grade.

Even the gratuitous nudity can't quite save a Heathers-goes-to-college horror that's undermined by a silly plot and clunky dialogue.