Snowcake Review

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Rescued from a serious car accident, Alex finds himself compelled to stick around in the house he's first brought to, inhabited by a high-functioning autistic woman.


My Little Eye and Trauma director Evans takes an about-turn with this pensive, fantastically acted character drama set in suburban Canada. Alan Rickman plays Alex, an ex-con who is brought to the house of Sigourney Weaver’s autistic Linda by accident — a car accident.

His sense of responsibility, and perhaps loneliness, causes him to stick around despite the often amusing (to us) annoyances of Linda’s obsessive compulsive disorder. A haunting look at people with social problems who come together through grief, it can be sentimental and self-consciously quirky, but is generally touching. Despite the flaws of Trauma, Evans is establishing himself as one to watch.

A slow-burning examination of disability and grief is enlivened by a top-notch cast and a gently witty script.