Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Review

Image for Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs


As one of Disney's longest serving money-spinners - it's been reappearing regularly for a little over half a century - Snow White is probably the company's most deserving cash cow. The story is genuinely well-known (all children's libraries and first year bookshelves boast a couple of copies) and equally popular - it has all the necessary ingredients to impress the under-nines; a wicked witch; a handsome prince; an innocent young girl; and a posse of daft short people (height is important to its prospective audience!)

This animated treatment does it absolute justice too. The spooky bits are suitably scarey - the production dates back to a time before anybody worried about mentally scarring the little mites, thus the "Have a bite, dearie" scene means a lot of excited peeping through fingers - the slapstick humour content is high and it contains none of the period references that crept into later Disney cartoons, thus doesn't appear to have dated. But largely it succeeds because it really is a great deal of fun, and that's largely due to two of the most easily remembered, boisterously sing-a-long numbers in the entire Disney back catalogue : Whistle While You Work and that other one that needs no introduction. Altogether now: "Hiiiiiii Ho! Hiiiiiii Ho!"... (repeat to fade).