Snow In Paradise Review

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Hoxton-based, drug-taking, petty criminal Dave (Frederick Schmidt) finds solace in Islam when his friend disappears but the seedier side of London isn't finished with him.


Based on a true story, this gritty London crime movie feels credible from the off. Dave (Frederick Schmidt) is a petty criminal who’s drawn into organised crime with his gung-ho friend Tariq (Aymen Hamdouchi). When tragedy strikes, Dave falls into a drug-induced spiral until potential salvation comes from the unexpected source of Islam.

The drug-dealer dramas are nothing new and bit-parts veer towards clumsy, but the central characters ring true: watch out for co-writer Martin Askew — the inspiration for the story — as nasty Uncle Jimmy. A grim watch with a cleansing conclusion.

Not just another gritty London crime drama, this is compelling and credible with a convincing star turn from Frederick Schmidt.