Slamdance Review

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After artist CC Drood (Hulche) has an affair with a girl who is promptly murdered, he becomes embroiled in a high-level cover up and becomes a target himself as he tries to reconstruct the scandal.


Tom Hulce is an underground cartoonist mixed up with shady dealings in this New Wave thriller, full of trendy haircuts and background music but still stuck with the same old plot. Virginia Madsen and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio benefit from the costumes, while Harry Dean Stanton provides the acting and Adam Ant contributes another "oh my God, so that's what happened to Adam Ant" performance.

Veering between being sordid and just plain goofy, this is a bit of a dog's dinner that does nothing to undo the typecasting of Hulche as a talented, misguided dude.

A patchwork of a movie that ultimately knows where it's going, but doesn't really know how to get there.