Sket Review

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When teenager Kayla's (Kelly) sister is murdered, the young Geordie takes to the streets of London to track down and pay back drug baron Trey (Walters). She needs help, though, and a girl gang is where she goes to get it...


Girl gangs seek revenge in this gritty Brit thriller set on the mean streets of London. Sixteen year-old Kayla (Aimee Kelly) is a Newcastle lass struggling to adjust to London life when her elder sister is murdered. Kayla doesn’t have to look far to find the culprit, but getting past his heavies is another matter (calling the police would be utterly pointless, we’re assured unconvincingly). The idea of a tiny teen going after a brutal druglord (Ashley Walters) also stretches credulity and some plot strands are muddled. But there’s plenty of social realism and authentic dialogue in the scenes with the girl gang Kayla turns to for help. And with a cast including Skins’ Lily Loveless and Adelayo Adedayo, this slots comfortably into the gritty-urban-yoof bracket while providing a refreshing gender twist.

Despite some confusing narrative turns, writer-director Nirpal Bhogal's thriller is an impactful and authentic look at gang culture on London's meaner streets.