The Singer Review

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An ageing dance-hall singer (Depardieu) finds his world-weariness eased by estate agent Cécile De France in this unusual French musical.


The French don’t usually do musicals, but Xavier Giannoli’s bittersweet portrait of an ageing variétés singer from Clermont-Ferrand owes much to the classic Hollywood backstager.

Fearing the onset of karaoke and tiring of bedding love-starved housewives, Gérard Depardieu brings world-weary charm to the minor celebrity whose infatuation with estate agent Cécile De France makes the round of dance-hall gigs and appearances at old people’s homes that bit more bearable.

Filmed in lush, gaudy colours, this is a film of heart and humour that consistently confounds expectations. Moreover, everything feels authentic, with Depardieu crooning his sentimental ballads with unassuming panache.

Constantly confounding expectations, this is a film of heart and humour.