Sing Your Song Review

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Singing, actor and civil rights champion, Harry Belafonte became a key figure in the fight for equal rights for black Americans. Director Susanne Rostock's documentary tells his story.


Harry Belafonte may be best known for singing calypso ditties like The Banana Boat Song, but he also became an important figure in the civil rights movement, as this doc shows. With extensive interviews with Belafonte, now 85 and croaky of voice but as passionate as ever, it recalls his journey from the navy into acting classes alongside Brando, through to a recording career that gave him a platform to address the rights of black performers. It’s an inspiring watch, full of fascinating archive footage and thought-provoking recollections; it’s easy on both ear and eye, too, the young Belafonte being quite the dreamboat.

There's so much more to Belafonte than the Banana Boat Song and Rostock does a fine job revealing it in a fitting celebration of a mighty talent. Altogether now: "Day, me say day-ay-ay-o..."