Shut Up And Play The Hits Review

Image for Shut Up And Play The Hits

In his forties and ready for new challenges, James Murphy and his band LCD Soundsystem decide to end it all band-wise in one final blaze of Madison Square glory.


Electro-punk-funk pioneers LCD Soundsystem are a brilliant oddity: a band that isn’t really a band — in the studio, frontman James Murphy does almost everything himself — which ‘formed’ when Murphy was in his late thirties and then pleasantly self-destructed after only six years. This documents that final explosion. It is in part an astonishing concert movie, featuring generous chunks of Murphy and co.’s final concert at Madison Square Garden. Intercut, we get a very fabricated and mildly annoying interview, and footage of a post-gig Murphy mooching aimlessly around his too-white apartment.

A great concert movie framed around a substantially less enthralling interview.