Shag Review

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A bunch of retro gals go for a fun-filled weekend of, er, 'Shagging'.


The title would have you believe that this movie is either about bonking or carpets or both. But it's a dance of course, and, in the uncomplicated perfect world of 1963 South Carolina it's one of the prime ingredients of a good time for four young Southern Belles out to make sure that this is one weekend they'll never forget.

Bridget Fonda sets her cap at the local rock 'n' roll star, Phoebe Gates realizes her engagement is a mistake, Annabeth Gish falls in love and Page Hannah (Daryl's sister) wears glasses. There's some likable energy to the performances and a strong soundtrack, but the lack of sustained dancing make this more of a nostalgic fantasy than a proper musical, whereas 'Shagging' itself seems far too complicated to catch on.

A cheerful time-warp back to a seemingly happier era, if you like that sort of thing.