Severance Review

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A sales division working for a multinational weapons corporation get more than they bargained for from their team-building weekend.


It’s tough to splice horror and comedy, and it’s something that, despite a valiant effort, Severance never quite nails. Which isn’t to say it’s neither funny nor scary; it consistently manages being one or the other, but while the twain occasionally meets, all too often the swing from humour to deadpan derails it. Within a simple story — weapons company sales personnel find themselves hunted at their retreat in a Hungarian forest — we’re given less than likeable characters.

This works for the comedy, but proves problematic come bumping-off time, when the humour dries up, as if the writers got bored with a straight slasher plot. There’s enough of both genres here to please fans, but it never hits the bullseye at which you know it’s aiming.

Aiming for an admirably lofty target, it's a case of close but no cigar. It's a long way from bad, but the wildly uneven tone sees it fall equally far from greatness.