See Spot Run Review

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Canine FBI agent escapes from witness protection programme after a Mafia attempt on his life and ends up being looked after by a dog-hating postman.


Sitcom director John Whitesell pushes the boundaries of high-concept just that bit too far in this light tale of a canine FBI agent (yes, you heard correctly), adopted by a dog-hating postman (Arquette) when Sorvino's Mafia boss puts a price on his furry head.

Arquette is a good physical comedian, but in the face of such a weak script he resorts to repeatedly walking into lampposts for laughs.

Many of the gags fall flat because Whitesell rarely allows them to develop, too often rushing to the next gross-out set-up. It's a shame because when Arquette is allowed to run with an idea, it makes for some genuinely funny moments.

Leslie Bibb and Anthony Anderson provide amiable support, but the plot is so ridiculous and the execution so poor that nothing can save this floundering mess.

A terrible plot badly executed. You'd be more entertained watching dogs run around in the park.