The Secret of My Success Review

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Brantley Foster (Fox) is a well-educated upstart from Kansas, trying to make it big in New York, but when his tycoon of a uncle gets him a job in a mail room, Brantley can't help but feel he's been sold short. Taking on a new name and a new identity, Brantley (aka Carlton Whitfield) sets out to bluff his way to the top and into the heart (or bed; either would do) of sexy exec. Christy (Slater).


Michael J. Fox is in good form as the engaging young hero of this light comedy about a hick from Kansas trying to carve himself out a career in Manhattan. The film represents everything inoffensive in ‘80s filmmaking, from the executive ladder climbing, likeable scamp to the power-dressed female to the ridiculous, obligatory ‘Oh yeah!’ on the soundtrack. One of the film’s stronger points, the music riffs and rips from other classics (most notably Jaws and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) to give Michael J. Fox a suitable bed of feel-good tunes to spring from. A decent star vehicle and pure sugary ‘80s fun.

Typically paper thin, the plot and the morality are blown away by the charms of the leading man and a soundtrack that has been hand-picked to get an audience on side. Unadulterated silliness, but harmless fun.