The Seasoning House Review

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Deaf and mute Angel (Day) is abducted and ditched in a grim Balkan brothel. The ex-soldier who runs the place, Viktor (Howarth), puts her to work tending to the other women, but when she sparks a friendship with one of the women, things take a turn for the violent.


In an unspecified Balkan conflict zone, deaf-mute teenager Angel (Rosie Day) is trafficked to the appalling rape-house facility of the title, where she’s put to work tending to the needs of the unfortunate incumbents. Small enough to sneak around via the wall cavities she befriends one of the girls and embarks on a violent revenge when the inevitable happens at the hands of Sean Pertwee’s thug troops. FX man Paul Hyett’s directorial debut isn’t for everyone, but it’s stylistically bold and brutally compelling. It also handles its delicate subject more carefully than you might imagine from a brief synopsis.

Bleak but bold.

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