Seance on a Wet Afternoon Review

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A psychic, Myra, and her husband plan on kidnapping a rich kid and then going to the parents with Myra's psychic messages about her whereabouts. However, things inevitably start to go awry, especially as Myra's psychic experiences get more and more sinister...


A forgotten but powerful British thriller that merges deep-set Gothic gloom with stark social realism, this sees Kim Stanley and Richard Attenborough concoct a plan to enhance her status as a medium.

They will kidnap a girl, then Stanley will miraculously find her — a ploy undermined by her mental fragility and his growing misgivings. The plot thickens as we discover that the couple lost a son in childbirth, called Arthur who is supposed to be the wife's spirit guide.

Two strikingly glum performances are matched by the seedy, seething atmosphere of a loveless Britain.

This mixture of thriller and Brit-grit realism has been undeservedly overlooked.