Schizo Review

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An archaeologist returns to the castle where his family were murdered when he was a child and renews a relationship with his demonic imaginary friend


— of the haunted castle and cursed archaeological expedition variety, not the psycho-thriller promised by the misleading title — that gains some atmosphere values by its Yugoslav loaction shooting.

An archaeolgist finds it within himself to go back to to the castle where his relatives were killed and rendiscovers his demonic childhood imaginary friend along the way.

After several torture chamber scenes and pick-axe murders Aron Eisenberg turns out to be a shrivelled child monster, and the bratty performer — whose Wonder Years demeanour ill-sits with his supposedly Dracula-ish background — is replaced by a third-rate puppet creature.

The finale is fairly lively, but this is old-fashioned, wildly overplayed and stuck with fairly disposable secondary characters.