Say When Review

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Megan (Knightley) is a late-twentysomething struggling to come to terms with the bills-and-mortgages phase of adulthood. Cue footloose teen Annika (Moretz) and a week of responsibility-free "laggying".


There's an engaging premise at the heart of Lynn Shelton’s dramedy about a late-twenties woman (Keira Knightley) baulking at the looming responsibilities of adulthood (marriage, career) and disappearing for a week to decide what she wants from life. Still, when she starts hanging out with a teenage girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) she meets at the liquor store and crashing high-school keg parties, it gets a little weird, and the more dramatic material doesn’t always ring true. But the leads are appealing — Sam Rockwell and Kaitlyn Dever, as Moretz’ dad and BFF, stand out — fleshing out multiple plot threads that would otherwise be stretched far too thin.

Lynn 'Humpday' Shelton takes a sideways look at the challenges of growing up. Not, perhaps, her very best but still very watchable.