Saints and Sinners Review

Image for Saints and Sinners

After many years Pooch returns to his neighbourhood. To Big Boy, his best friend, Pooch is valuable asset in his plans of becoming local crime lord. To Pooch, this reunion is painful because he is, actually, undercover cop sent to bring Big Boy down.


A decent little underworld movie with more or less the same plot as State Of Grace. Sensitive Damien Chapa and cut-up Scott Plank try to take over the drug-dealing concession in a violent NYC neighbourhood but Chapa is a conscience-stricken undercover cop with a romantic streak. A loose cannon is thrown into the compromised buddy relationship
and Chapa’s double-crossing when he falls for erratic model Jennifer Rubin who complicates things a lot. Written and directed by Paul Mones, who made the similarly titled,
similarly ambitious Fathers And Sons, this works fairly well, but shallow pin-up Chapa leaves most of the work to a good supporting cast.

Smart little cops and robbers thriller.