Roustabout Review

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Drifter Charlie Rogers' motorcycle is worse for ware, but he manages to get a temporary job singing at a carnival while it's in the repair shop. As soon as it's fixed, he'll be off on the road again, unless he can be convinced to stay...


Elvis is a humble roustabout in a picturesque, colourful carnival, and he has to sing to make ends meet and sort out his problems.

His main problem is getting off with prim, demure, down-to-earth Joan Freeman and avoiding the temptation of wild, sexy, uninhibited fortuneteller SueAnn Langdon. Along the way, he gets into a fight with bullies, pals around with a cute gang of workers who ought to be killed, and sings one terrific, classic number (Little Egypt) while swiveling his hips, but is forced to do nearly a dozen forgettable pieces of fluff (Wheels On My Heels, One Track Heart) as he goes.

Well at least we get to see him in more leather in this one. Though one could quite possibly live without it.