Roseanne Review

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Played by Denny Dillon this is a biography of the life of Roseanne Barr.


The world hardly mourned when news was announced last month that Roseanne has just recorded the last episode of her sitcom. Which is why the release of this unauthorised biopic is slightly out of sync with the arc of her fame.

Nevertheless, what is so shocking about this video (which already had an airing on US TV in 1994) is that it is eminently watchable. Denny Dillon isn't exactly a spitting image (but then neither is post-op Roseanne) but it is fine to throw an afternoon away dipping into this tale of incest, poverty, heartache and being married to Tom Arnold.

Of course only fans of the show will be searching this out butit's genuinely worth a viewing for anyone with a curious nature about the freakish side of celebrity.

Watchable insight into a major US TV star.