The Rookie Review

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Nick Pulovski is a cop with an uneventful career, but when he discovers that a man named Strom is the brains behind a major car theft and chop shop ring, he spots an opportunity to make his mark.


A shining example of how not to make an action thriller as Clint Eastwood hams it up as a wrinkly old cop while partner Charlie Sheen changes from naïve rookie to mean ‘n’ moody cop with only two emotions, angry and really angry.

Pulovski seems Dirty Harry after a bottle of sleeping pills and for a verteran cop, he doesn't half make a lot of mistakes during this two hour snoozefest.

Sheen and Eastwood display next to nothing in terms of chemistry and their bumbling partnership is made worse by some of the most cheesy hokey dialogue ever uttered by the great man.

The bad guys (Sonia Braga, Raul Julia) seem to think they’re in an episode of Starksy And Hutch and with the musical score set firmly in the 70s, they may well be right. Dreadful.

Fails miserably to join the ranks of buddy cop classics like Lethal Weapon and 48 hours.