Rivers and Tides Review

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Fascinating documentary about the artist who uses nature as his palette.


Built primarily from icicles, twigs, rocks and leaves, the landscape sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy are usually so delicate that they are either swept away by the current, dispersed by the breeze or collapse under their own fragility.

Up until now, their exhibition has largely been confined to coffee-table tomes, but the ingenuity of their construction, the beauty of their context and the inevitability of their reclamation by nature have been stylishly captured in this fascinating documentary.

Some of the genial Englishman's New Age musings are a little precious, and his excursions to France and the States don't always compel. But, thanks to Thomas Riedelsheimer's assured use of real-time and time-lapse photography and Fred Frith's atmospheric score, the tidal sequences in Nova Scotia involving a driftwood igloo and a stone pine cone are visually striking, sublimely tranquil and unashamedly life-affirming.

Visually striking, this is a lovingly made tribute to the artist that can't help but be life affirming.