Ring 0: Birthday Review

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Prequel explaining how young actress Sadako (Nakamara), haunted by visions, becomes the murdering spirit of The Ring after some strange deaths start occurring in the drama club she frequents.


Director Norio Tsuruta masterfully takes up the reins, tracing the origins of the hugely successful Ring films.

Sadako is a hugely troubled teenager, haunted by tragedies and cursed with terrible powers and secrets. As things begin to unravel, multiple truths are revealed, leading towards a wretched inevitability.

This is a genuinely unsettling Japanese ghost story that employs a subtly creepy score, prowling camera work, simple yet powerful effects and fine performances. It also betters the original in every respect.

Bettering the original in every way, this is a suitably creepy and disquieting horror mystery.