Retribution Review

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At Halloween George Michael jumps down from the roof of a hotel. But he's rescued and survives. In psychiatry the young Dr. Jennifer Curtis cares for him and gives him back his will to live. However he suffers from terrible nightmares. Back home, he discovers in the newspaper that his dreams, in which he forces other people to kill themselves in most cruel ways, seem to be reality.


Artist Joe Martinez (Dennis Lipscomb) attempts suicide but survives a fall because he is semi-possessed by the ghost of a murdered businessman who guides Lipscomb through a campaign of revenge on the hoods who turned him into a ghost (or something like that).

There are some bloody mangling scenes as the spirit gets its own back, and lights come on behind walls Hellraiser-style to signify supernatural intervention. An inspired Lipscomb is gleefully unrestrained, and the rest of the cats go over the top with him, in this over-the-top popcorn horror, directed by Guy Magar (Of The A-Team fame, no-less).

A fun trash movie, overlong but with enough horrible death to compensate for a hysterical central performance and some ridiculous plot turns.