Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

Image for Resident Evil: Afterlife

Alice continues her quest to find other survivors of the zombie apocalypse cause by the evil Umbrella Corporation. But the nefarious leaders of the company are on her trail and set a trap for her.


The same again, in 3D. Paul W.S. Anderson, who directed the first film but only produced the last two, is back at the helm, and Milla Jovovich reprises her role as zombie-killing warrior babe Alice. It’s mostly set in a zombie-besieged prison in post-apocalypse Los Angeles, with the usual hard blokes, killer chicks, panicky deadweights and doomed bit-players taking hard knocks.

Anderson has a knack for uber-ridiculous, ultra slo-mo action scenes, which jolt some life into the picture, but an assembled-from-leftovers plot and dreadful speech bubble dialogue sink any involvement you might have with these drab, if buff remnants of humanity. This is ‘real D’, not a dodgy conversion job – but Anderson makes elementary mistakes with the process which suggest he got hold of James Cameron’s cameras but started shooting before he read the manuals properly.

What fun there is to be had is undermined by drab 3D, hacked-out dialogue and rehashed plots.