Rabbit Fever Review

Image for Rabbit Fever

Women all over the world are needing help to kick the rabbit habit as they become dangerously addicted to the famous vibrator


After a memorable cameo in Sex And The City, the rabbit vibrator gets name-in-title recognition in this lacklustre Brit mockumentary. The central conceit — a faux film charting the lives of women addicted to the bliss-bringing bunny, attending RA (Rabbits Anonymous), struggling to stay clean etc. — is overextended , meaning gags come thick and slow.

There’s some fun stuff about Rabbit mythology (a Rabbit with no batteries is a ‘flopsie’) and the ways the Rabbit enters the culture, be it through Tracy Eminesque shock art or football chants, but the documentary format is too broadly sketched to allow for engagement with the nondescript characters.

Overlong but inventive little comedy with perhaps one too many risque puns.