Psych 9 Review

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Roslyn, who is not entirely mentally stable herself, gets an admin job at night in a psych ward. Things start to get a bit disturbing and then more than a bit disturbing..


Neurotic Roslyn (Sara Foster) takes an unlikely night job, sorting files in a closed-down hospital. She is variously troubled by memories of a bad childhood, a cop (Michael Biehn) searching for a clawhammer-wielding serial killer, possibly ghostly apparitions, and seriously bad vibes in the fifth-floor psych facility.

She shares pizza and late-night chat with a smug psychiatrist (Cary Elwes), but her marriage to a taxi driver (Gabriel Mann) is rocky, and — this being a horror film — her mental composure deteriorates with every weird noise.

Though it has a creepy institutional setting, some okay acting and a couple of unnerving moments, Psych 9 suffers from ridiculous plot contrivances, a murky last act and a general sense of déjà vu.

Predictable fare with a few good performances.