Prizzi's Honour Review

Image for Prizzi's Honour

Bumbling mob hitman Charley Partanna and supposed tax consultant Irene Walker fall in love only to discover they've been hired to kill each other.


Top lip distractingly puffed up with what looks like a gumshield, Jack Nicholson plays a not-overbright mob hitman in the 78-year-old John Huston's penultimate movie, a slight but grimly amusing Mafia spoof.

Kathleen Turner plays his other half, while Nicholson's real-life girlfriend, and the director's daughter, Anjelica Huston, may not have been essential to the double-cross plot, but her presence sure spiced up advance publicity.

Jack as a schmuck is a trifle hard to buy with his Jack-the-lad persona by now denying him total credibility in roles which stray too far from big, bold badass.

Not one of Nicholson's best, but an enjoyable comedy nonetheless