Princess Review

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A missionary investigates the mysterious death of his sister - a notorious porn star.


With an animation style not dissimilar to the BBC’s Monkey Dust, ‘Danish Manga’ sums up everything you can expect from this twist on the revenge Western.

Missionary August returns home after the death of his infamous porn star sister ‘Princess’, vowing to close down the industry that has grown around her. August is more than he seems, however, and of course there’s a small girl to take care of…

It’s the plot of a thousand kung fu movies, but having passed over the desks of Zentropa studios, Princess has complexities - and that’s the problem. It raises dilemmas (the porn-mongers aren’t breaking the law), but they aren’t developed, and the ending feels very premature.

A few decent ideas can't cover the fact this has been done a thousand times before.