Pretty in Pink Review

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Despite having a deprived home-life, pink lady Andie Walsh nonetheless aspires to something greater - in the form of a party-hearty rich kid from the right side of the tracks.


In a half-affluent, half "working-class" Illinois suburb Molly-er, Andie-is a poor, motherless, deprived teen who nonetheless has a wonderful pink car and her very own pink telephone. Mr Right is wimpy McCarthy, who takes her to a Wild Party at fellow aging rich kid Spader's house where she feels so out of place that for a while it looks like Cinderella may not get to the ball-er, prom-before 96 minutes have elapsed.

This has a major grooving Hughes-type soundtrack, with tracks from the Psychedelic Furs, Belouis Some, Suzanne Vega, New Order, INXS, Echo And The Bunnymen, Code Blue and more.

Sweet but predictible angst-ridden Brat Pack outing