Premonition Review

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Bullock's character loses her husband (Julian McMahon) in a car crash – only for him to appear alive the next day.


Premonition is Sandra Bullock’s second leap into the topsy-turvy world of movie time-bending within the last 12 months. While The Lake House saw her striving to make sense of a long-distance (of sorts) relationship with Keanu Reeves, this immediately forces Bullock’s housewife Linda into a miasma of confusion, as her husband displays an ability to die one day and appear alive the next.

The film’s tension-building falters, however, as the plot rushes into a wholly unsatisfying third act. Even the appearance of a convenient priest to recite the history of premonitions can’t make us care when Linda returns to the dulling greys and greens of her suburban existence to incomprehensibly Work Things Out.

Interesting premise but by the weaker third act the audience is left wodnering if they care about any of it.