Prayer Of The Rolleboys Review

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It is some time in the future and - hey! - the USA has become some kind of Third World hellhole where the unemployed try to escape into Mexico and pizza delivery boys carry AK-47 rifles about their persons. Food and water are in short supply, the Germans and the Japanese control the world's economy and Harvard has been relocated to the Far East. Into the middle of all this steps Gary Lee (Collet), the teenage leader of a white supremacist gang on roller skates, a neo-fascist who promises a family and a future to willing recruits and who makes his money from running a dope ring. Enter our parentless hero Griffin (Haim) who infiltrates the gang to save his tedious little brother Miltie (Clark) who has now become an addict.

Such, then, is the extent of Prayer Of The Roller Boys, a movie that follows a well-worn path with its boringly moral hero looking out for his na‹ve kid brother on the rocks. Some of the paranoid trimmings of this America in decline are, however, mildly amusing, with Lee referring to his rifle as not having been used "since the Israelis were hired to mop up Northern Ireland," and a newspaper headline announcing that "Germany buys Poland". The various scenes featuring the gang gliding along the streets en masse in their stylish cream duster coats also have a certain idiotic charm and there's a fair amount of brutal action worked neatly into the proceedings. Not great by any means, but compared to budding teen idol Haim's last star vehicle, the utterly mediocre Fast Getaway, this is almost class act status.