Possible Worlds Review

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World weary cop and dumb rookie partner investigate a gruesome murder whilst, in a parallel time frame, the victim searches for his dead wife.


Having impressed with 'The Confessional' and disappointed with 'No', Quebecois director Lepage makes his English-language debut with this cerebral yet antiseptic adaptation of playwright John Mighton's stage study of consciousness and existence.

Mighton is clearly a clever chap, and he succeeds in involving us in a deeply spurious plot about a murder victim's search for his dead wife. Tom McCamus and Tilda Swinton cleverly carry the conceit to its cock-eyed conclusion; Jonathan Freeman's cinematography brings a lyrical quality to the voguish decor, and Lepage's direction unfussily references the intense sophistication of Andrei Tarkovsky.

But whether audiences will be sufficiently intrigued to overcome their confusion is a matter for debate.

Clever, lyrical film that is too contrived to be anything other than confusing.